Happy New Years!
A ton of new products have arrived, the weather is cooling off and winter is coming. We have a bunch of pro wood in at the moment (Creature, Black Label, Girl, Chocolate, Anti Hero, Santa Cruz, Krooked, Skate Mafia, Flip, Baker, Slave, Death Wish and Think. The new shop decks have arrived (killer deal - $40.00 with grip tape). The hardgoods case is finally getting FAT again with new wheels from bones, and Spitfire, Trucks from INDY, and VENTURE. Stay up and support the only shop that supports skateboarding in Montucky.
Posted on October 31st
Message from Mark D
What up homies. As most of you have already heard I have sold Spirit to Clay Taylor. It was obviously hard for me to let go of the shop, but my life is headed in a different direction and so the decision was made. The important thing is that Spirit is still going to have a strong presence in the Montana skate scene, and as we all know it is the skate scene in the Flatehead Valley. Spirit was never a 1 man show. It was a combination of many talented people that came together and skated together, conspired together, created art, video productions, party's, demos, and so much more. I would like to personally thank the following people: Steve Sanchez, Chris Bacon, James Reeves, Justin Westermyer, Adam DeLorme, Matt Sadler, Jason Robinson, Wade Byrd, Sierra Fellers, Nich Kunz, Tyler Panza, Casey Bruff, Cale Brown, Cameran Barge, Logan Tripplete, Zach Doe, Conner Briney, Nico Hietert, Darrel Kolb, Jerimiah Martin, Chase Campell Jennifer Reese, JD from serious ju ju (for creating a safe/dry place for kids to skate in Kalispell)... I'll end with saying the new owner Clay Taylor is one of the most passionate people when it comes to skateboarding. His focus and desire to live his american dream in the form of running his own skate shop is only going to make the skate scene stronger in Kalispell. Not to mention he knows what's up, he's an OG from back in the day, and he's got Spirit. Love, Live, Skate, SPIRIT....
Posted on October 31st
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